Golf in Vietnam is pleased to introduce golf golf clubs

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Golf in Vietnam is pleased to introduce golf golf clubs in Hanoi
Located near the foot of the mountain, Noi Bai International Airport 15 minutes by car and 40 minutes by car from the center of Hanoi, Hanoi Golf Club (or golfer called Minh Tri golf course) is a golf course This is a great way for golfers to express their passion.
With an area of 108 hectares, Hanoi Golf Club is known as the first and only golf course built by Japanese people and managed in Vietnam. Golf in Vietnam Thanks to the superior quality of the yard and the perfect service, Hanoi golf course has proved its international level and is highly appreciated by golfers.
Vietnam Golf Package Beginning in operation in November 2006, 18 long and wide holes, stretching across the sloping hills that have challenged the golfer. The stadium has now been upgraded to 27 holes. Susumu Fujitwara - a famous golf course designer in Japan, has designed over 30 golf courses in the Kansai area (Japan), Hainan (China) and is a researcher and designer of golf courses. Hanoi Golf Club said: "The first time I came here, I was very surprised by the beauty and attractiveness of the landscape as well as the natural conditions of this place. I immediately realized that this is the ideal place to build a high class golf course because it is full of elements such as natural scenery, terrain, temperature, climate ... ".

Golf with smooth green carpet is designed quite wide, slightly wavy, generous feeling, rich in attractive, expressed in the multi-dimensional flexibility of each hole. In addition to Tee's position, the golf course offers players both beginners and professional golfers the satisfaction, fun.

Grass on the field is also important because it directly affects every ball of the golfers. The grass is the most common type of grass that is grown with Tip Tone 328 grass which is the best grass and is maintained daily with advanced technology and techniques under the guidance of experienced management experts. pitch.

Therefore, when coming to Hanoi Golf Club the golfers always feel really comfortable to enjoy their passion.
Golf in Vietnam For more information about Hanoi Golf Club as well as other golf courses in Vietnam, please contact topvietnamgolftour at:
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